Ben and Ed: Bencalypse [ENG/ENG] (2015)

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Ben and Ed

•Год выпуска: 8 декабря 2015 г.
•Жанр: Arcade (Platform) / Runner / 3D
•Разработчик: Sluggerfly
•Издательство: Sluggerfly
Версия игры: от 5 марта 2016г
•Платформа: PC
•Тип издания: Лицензия
•Язык интерфейса: Английский
•Язык oзвучки: Английский
•Таблетка: HI2U

• Операционная система: Window 7/8 64-bit
• Процессор: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4 Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+
• Оперативная память: 4 Гб
• Видеокарта: DirectX 10
• Свободного места на жестком диске: 5 GB

Добро пожаловать на кровавое шоу, где главные приз твой лучший друг. Главные кандидаты на победу- Эд, призер серебренной медали по "Конфеточному Марафону" и умерший от сердечного приступа пряма на финише (от радости) и Бен, мальчик, который нашел себе нового друга, потому-что не ладил с одноклассниками:) . И весь процесс под пристальным вниманием ведущего Шоумастера, редкостного говнюка, готового на все, чтобы рейтинг передачи был выше небес. Ну что же, да начнется гонка
Описания не было, состряпал что смог.
Ben & Ed Release Trailer

Oсобенности Релиза

Игра обновлена до последней версии на 05.03.2016. А так же содержит дополнительные эпизоды Bencalypse:
New Episode: Bencalypse
New Episode: The Fall
New Episode: Box15_435_0x00005

Update list

Bencalypse Update
Is death the end?
Find the answer in our new update "Bencalypse"!
To unlock the new content, you need to complete the main game.
New Content
Ben is playable after finishing the first Bencalypse level
New Episode: Bencalypse
New Episode: The Fall
New Episode: Box15_435_0x00005
Bug fixes
Episode 5 minor layout changes
footstep sound volume fix
fixed some cases in which players didn't unlock achievements-Patch 1.2.2
-Ed´s lost his Santa hat...for now...
-Fixed position of acid in "Hero without half shell".
-Blockbuster achievement is now unlockable
-Fixed an index error for dog food.
Super Christmas patch (1.2.1)
- For the next days, Ed will wear a fabulous Santa hat.
- Fixed speed of the spiked press traps in Episode 21 for lower frame rates.
- Ed can´t be visible two times during the end sequence anymore.
- Options won´t be resetted through deleting the save data.
- Sound radius for minions in Episode 15 fixed.
- Fixed the maximum amount of avaiable gold Ed's.

Особенности игры

Ed – the Participant
A few months ago, Ed won the „Candy Fun Marathon“ silver medal. Unfortunately he died a few minutes later from a heart attack.
For more than 4 days nobody found his body, rotting in a nearby field. As fate willed and for reasons unknown, Ed became the first undead. For days he aimlessly wandered around, finally being found by a young boy named Ben.
Ben – the Prize
He is just a normal boy. Well, he never had any good friends, but is fine with this. Ben always liked to roam the ruins and bleak fields around his neighborhood, where he one day discovered something unbelievable. Ed, an undead, walking around the dreary landscape. Ben chummed up with Ed and started to feed his new friend meat and dead animals he found. This went well, until Hans Showmaster heard of Ed.
Hans Showmaster – the Host
He is famous, rich, ruthless and the creator of countless successful Shows that brought joy and distraction to the poor population of a wasted, hopeless world. When he is informed about an undead, he creates a new format and abducts Ben to "persuade" Ed into his twisted new game show.
Lose your limbs, but that is ok, you're a zombie!
Survive deadly traps, well... you're dead anyway!
Liberate your best friend Ben, he really needs your help!
Defeat monstrous machines!
Throw your head to reach hidden locations and recover your body!
Jump, creep, dodge, crawl... come on! Just reach the goal, no matter in what condition!
23 deadly, colourful obstacle courses filled with blades, hammers, lasers, acid, dog food and chicken.
Unlockable challenges.
Chicken, chicken, chicken, CHICKEN and Chicken!

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